Dental Savings Plan

Dentist Appointment Without Insurance in Katy TX

If you’ve recently lost your dental insurance benefits, never had them, or your plan doesn’t suit your family’s needs and you need a different option, Dr. Paluk and Dr. Echeverria are proud to offer the exclusive Mason Creek Dental In-House Dental Assistance Savings Plan.

Affordable dental care for the whole family is in Katy, TX! Request an Appointment

Unlike dental insurance, there are no…

  • yearly maximums
  • deductibles
  • claim forms
  • pre-authorizations
  • pre-existing conditions
  • limitations
  • waiting periods.

What’s included in your annual membership?

At Mason Creek Dental, we take prevention seriously. That’s why your preventive care is included! Every membership year, you get…

  • Comprehensive/periodic exams (2 per year)
  • Limited oral exam (1 per year)
  • Panoramic x-ray (1 per 3 years)
  • Periapical & bitewing radiographs (2 per year as necessary)
  • Healthy Mouth Cleaning (one per year)

And because we know prevention sometimes takes a little more effort, the plan also includes discounts! 

  • Additional cleanings – 20% savings
  • Dental sealants – 50% savings

Save 25% on…

  • Fillings
  • Crowns & build ups
  • Periodontal (gum) care
  • Oral surgery
  • Root canal therapy.

Save 15% on…

  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign
  • Veneers.

Choose your plan

Because we know every family is different, we offer different plans to meet your individual needs.

$219 per year 
$427 per year 
Family of 3**
$624 per year
Family of 4+**
$799 per year, plus $107 for each additional family member
Single Periodontal Maintenance
$260 per year

* The Dual Plan is for a parent/child or husband/wife only
** The Family Plan includes family members and children who are enrolled full-time in college until the age of 23, or children who are not enrolled full-time in college until the age of 18.

Your oral health has a tremendous impact on your overall health, and we want you to have all the advantages of a healthy and beautiful smile … even if you don’t have dental insurance. To sign up or learn more, contact our friendly team today! We’d love to help you smile a little brighter.