Meet Dr. Fatemeh Mohandes, DDS, DMD

Pediatric and Family Dentist in Katy TX

Education & Background

Dr. Fatemeh Mohandes of Mason Creek Dental in Katy TXDr. Fatemeh Mohandes loves art, science, and the medical field, and knew a career in dentistry would be the best way for her to combine these interests into a fulfilling way to help people get and stay out of pain. After earning her dental degree, Dr. Mohandes spend an additional 4 years in school to earn her Master of Science degree. She earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from UPenn and has been a practicing dentist since 2011.

Practice Philosophy

Working as a general dentist, Dr. Mohandes uses her advanced education in pediatric dentistry to create a warm and welcoming environment for all of her patients – from the youngest in need of early dental care education to her eldest requiring extensive restorations. Because of her extensive education, Dr. Mohandes has a wealth of options available to tailor your care to your individual needs. Her top priority is that you have a healthy smile free of pain and discomfort, delivered in a way that’s centered around your needs.

Home Life

Dr. Mohandes grew up in Iran and Australia, and came to Houston in 2013 because her husband’s engineering job brought them here. She has come to love how family-oriented our community is and believes she has found the best place to raise their children Ali and Laya. When she’s not spending time with family or supporting her children’s interests, Dr. Mohandes enjoys exercising, reading, and advancing her dental knowledge with continuing education.